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Rental Units and Accessories

CT Portables offers several different types of portable restrooms to meet your specific needs. 

Regular Unit: This is our most popular unit.  The regular unit meets all your basic sanitation needs.  This type of unit contains the toilet and tank, urinal, and toilet paper dispenser.   All units are equipped with a hand sanitizer dispenser, and have optional amenities such as lights and mirrors.  These units come in aqua or light grey.
*CT Portables furnishes different regular unit models based upon unit use.

Handicap Accessible Unit:  We offer both ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant units and non-ADA enhanced access units.  These units are equipped with a hand sanitizer dispenser standard, and come in blue or aqua.

Flushable Unit:  This is a regular sized unit equipped with a flushable tank and foot pedal operated sink.  Flushable units have an unlimited number of flushes and a 25 gallon fresh water sink tank.  They come in blue or aqua.

Specialty Unit:  Specialty units are perfect for weddings, parties and other special events.  They are larger in size than a regular unit, and come equipped with a flushable tank, sink, full length mirror, corner shelf and motion-activated light.  They come with a 40 gallon fresh water tank that allows for 125 flushes. 

In addition to portable restrooms, CT Portables also offers additional products:

Free Standing Sink Station:  Our free standing sink station contains two back-to-back sinks, each with its own soap and paper towel dispenser.  These sinks hold 40 gallons of fresh water, and are perfect for fairs, festivals, and fundraisers. 

Hand Sanitizer Station:  The hand sanitizer station holds four hand sanitizer dispensers around a stationary base.  This type of station is perfect for high traffic events, such as concerts and festivals. 

High Rise Kit:  The high rise kit allows the unit to be raised and lowered via crane. 

Holding Tank: 250 gallon tank can be used for job trailers or to dispose of gray water. 

Fresh Water Delivery System: This unit can be hooked up to a job trailer to provide on-demand fresh water for toilets. 
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